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Welcome to MTBrowser

Content on its way

Welcome to the MTBrowser Website. This site will start to be populated very soon with all the documentation and help you will need in order to download, run, and make the best use out of MTBrowser.

Developers Wanted!

MTBrowser are looking for Developers to help with the writing of the new look program. Currently written in C++ , there are plans to port it across to a JAVA/XML version.

There is some code under development for the new Java version.

Please check out the main SourceForge Pages for details. Summary is basically: Check out the source code using svn co mtbrowser Or view the SVN repo at

Download & Install Subversion

These are quick instructions on how to download, install & configure subversion, and also to check out the trunk or one of the branches for so you can work with the code for MTBrowser

Goto Collabnet Downloads area and select a command line only version for your platform, I use the Windows XP Client.

Once downloaded, double click on the installer program to go through the installation wizard, it only takes a minute..

That's it, Subversion client should now be installed and ready to go.

Open a command prompt (aka Dos Box for windows), create a new folder called 'mtbrowser' in the root of one of your drives. I'll assume drive C here. from c:\ type in svn co mtbrowser. This will download all the directories and all the files of the MTBrowser codebase including the main development 'trunk' directory, the 'site' directory where these website files are pulled from, the 'branches' directory and all containing branches.

If you only want 'trunk' and none of the other stuff then from c:\ type in svn co mtbrowser instead and you'll only get trunk put into your local c:\mtbrowser\ folder.

So now you have the code and can begin to work on it, only assigned developers can upload their code into SVN however.

Please ask in the user forums after reading the SVN docs if you get stuck